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Anil Kapoor shares shirtless picture on Instagram says ‘This Papa doesn’t preach’

Anil Kapoor, an Indian actor and producer. He appeared in over 100 Hindi-language films and few international films. He had spent 40 years in his acting and still acting.

He shares this picture on Instagram with the caption “This papa doesn’t preach, just removes his top and walks to the beach 🏖 Everyone has a weak point. Mine is food. The Punjabi boy in me needs the taste buds ignited, my eyes are always bigger than my belly 🙈 During the lockdown, I have set myself the task of achieving a new sharper look. This new look needs a new approach to eating. Both Harsh and my trainer Marc have taken it upon themselves to remind me constantly and lay down eating plans. I try and I battle. Some times I even fall. And what I’ve learnt through it all is that a chain is only as strong as it’s the weakest link. So everyone in the house had to get involved. From those who kindly cook my food to the support of my family gathered around me at mealtime. Fitness is never a one-man/ women crusade, it’s about support and encouragement when we need it the most. (Always get the family involved and onboard to help you in any diet if you wish to make it truly a success )
Is it easy? Not always, if I am honest. Some days the Punjabi boy sulks a little, but then some days, like this day with this picture… it makes it all worth it…


He thanked everyone who helps to keep his fitness. You all wonder about his age Because his age is 63. But he looks like 23.

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