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Ankita Konwar shares a heartfelt post for husband Milind Soman, check here for the post

Ankita Konwar was born on 30th of august in the year 1991. She Married Milind Soman who was born on the 4th of November 1965. Ankita and Milind have an age gap of about 26 years but age never left a gap between them. They never failed to show the world about the love they have for each other.

Ankita Konwar recently expressed her love in her Instagram post and the caption said, “We found each other at a time, where I wasn’t ready to believe in anything and he forced me to accept nothing. We were just two souls walking together, The more we talked, the more we listened, And we grew certain of the fact that we owned nothing but the moment we are in.


When someone falls in love or get married with a huge age difference, they receive a lot of trolls and negative comments from the people. Sharing the same amount of love even after facing all the negativity and discouragement around them is not quite easy as we can say. Breakups happen often at times like this, but they got through every situation, they faced everything to be with each other and lead a happy life. When a certain part of the society doesn’t accept a fact, they start a negative stigma towards the situation and that is why falling in love with people outside of our age limit seems wrong to a lot of people and that is why even if their heart agrees they try to escape from the situation but are totally afraid to face it with courage.

On 30th August 2020, on Ankita Konwar’s Birthday, she posted a picture on Instagram with expressing her love as a caption in the post

The caption of her post said: “Celebrated 29 years with 29 km run yesterday (i.e. on 30 august 2020)
Maybe not as special as summiting #uhurupeak on my last birthday but definitely grateful for being able to celebrate it with the family and friends.
And my sunshine of a partner makes everything a million times better.
Thank you @milindrunning (Instagram Id of Milind Soman) for all tiny surprises throughout the day!
Thank you for being my eternal sunshine.”

Milind Soman also posted a picture on Ankitas’s 29th birthday with a lovely caption;

“Family time!!!!! Happy Birthday to my sweetheart @ankita_earthy (Instagram Id of Ankita Konwar ) its been a tough year in many ways but you made it wonderful, looking forward to the next, you make every experience and every moment sweeter…

They are being a real example for proving that Love is never based on Age factor but it is all about understanding each other and holding on to each other till the very end. Most of us are raised to believe that only fairy tales like Cinderella will have an happy ending but in real life it doesn’t work out that well and maybe that is why we need real life examples like Ankita Konwar and Milind Soman.

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