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Anushka Sharma shares Zakir’s POST on turning celebrity deaths into ‘tamasha’, slams media

Zakir Khan, a standup comedian, and actor took to Instagram to explain how the media turns something as sad as the death of a celebrity into a ‘tamasha’ in order to bring in some extra money. Mr Khan was referring to how the press had used Sidharth Shukla’s funeral for their own benefit. The comedian shared a Hindi verse that translates to “They don’t think of you as a human being. Not because there aren’t any lines or boundaries. Your corpse is not a body without a soul, but an opportunity to click pictures. As many as they can click. It’s similar to how people try to steal crockery from houses burning in a riot. Because after that, what use will you be? At most, 10 pictures, five news pieces, three videos, two stories, one post. That’s it. That’s why your death will only be shown for them. Your crying mother is a show, your father, broken by the pain, is a show, your depressed sister, your brother who has lost all hope, anyone who loves you, is a show. It would have been another thing had you been alive. After you, your crying loved ones will only quench their thirst. I’m just saying that this is the life you and I have chosen. Maybe you will regret it a little less if you knew this while you were alive. That’s why you should stay happy with your friends, love your people. Learn new things, make new relationships. Just don’t live for them. Whatever time you have left, live for yourself. Because for them, you aren’t even human.

Anushka Sharma shares  Zakir's POST on turning celebrity deaths into 'tamasha', slams media

This post received a lot of attention from Anushka Sharma, Gauahar Khan, and Vishal Dadlani. Anushka Sharma reposted the same on her story, while Gauahar Khan tweeted the following, “Anyone who has met a grieving family, should not give out details. Really sad to see people giving interviews about family members n sharing details. Stop! Please stop! If I’ve gone to pay ur respect don’t come out n become a khabri and add to the low standard of journalism.


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