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Authorities confirm Naya Rivera died due to accidental drowning


Naya Rivera who started her career as a model and child artist by showing her talents in several TV commercials in the US. It has been stated that she appeared in the Royal Family sitcom at the age of 4, which used to premiere on CBS, but after playing as a cold-hearted Santana Lopez in Glee made her a star. Also, Naya Rivera showed her talent in 2014 with the appearance in the horror film i.e. At the Devil’s Door. Thereafter, she got married to her fellow actor Ryan Dorsey and both of them got separated in 2018. Both of them have a son and got joint custody after their divorce.

On Tuesday, the Glee actress Naya Rivera’s body was obtained from Lake Piru which is situated in California and it was been confirmed by the authorities that she died because of accidental drowning. After examining her body, the medical examiner declared in the statement that the body of this glee actress has shown no sign of terrifying injury or disease which might have contributed to her death because of her submersion in the water and neither there was any indication of consumption of drugs or alcohol which have significantly played a role in her death.

Sources said, that it has been reported that this 33 years Glee star was missing from last week at lake Piru in California and her four-year-old son Josey was found alone sleeping on the rented boat nearby the lake. Cops started finding the Naya Riveria’s body once they found her son lying near the lake. It has been declared in a statement by the cops on July 8 that they got a call at around 4:38 p.m. in which it was stated that at Lake Piru a female adult and her child rented a boat for three-hour duration are missing as they tried to search for the boat but they found that the boat has not been returned after three hours. After the autopsy, the authorities had revealed the reality of the death of the glee star that it was because of drowning in the river.

While investigating it was been revealed by Naya’s son that both of them went for the swimming in the lake on July 8th and glee star helped her son by boosted him onto the deck from behind. Also, his son told the investigators team that when he looked back and saw that her mother has got vanish under the surface of the water as there were a lot of streams on the lake which used to emerge particularly in the afternoon. So, the officials stated that we believe that during the mid-afternoon she got disappeared, the idea perhaps being that the boat started moving back because it was unanchored and that she gathers enough energy to get her son back onto the boat.

Since the out breakage of the death of the glee star, her friends, family, and fans have been mourning by paying tributes with their social messages posting on their respective social media. Producers told that when she was not initially hired as a Glee cast member, so for us it didn’t require more than an episode or two for our crew members to understand that we are lucky enough in finding one of the most talented and super special stars. It was sad for the Hollywood industry to lost the most amazing celebrity who is known for his acting, singing, and dancing. It has been known from her well-wisher that Naya Riveria was a superstar with an amazing talent and along with that she was an even great person, mother, daughter, and sister so they declared a statement that, “Heaven gained our sassy angel”.

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