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Best designer in the Bollywood industry.

The individuals that modernise and glamorise our clothing are Indian fashion designers. Some of them are responsible for inspiring ordinary Indian ladies to spend lakhs on wedding gowns!

Best designer in the Bollywood industry.

1. MANISH MALHOTRA- The well-known Indian fashion designer began his career as a model. He streamlined himself into clothing, painting, and fashion design after failing as a model. He began his fashion career in Bollywood movies, and his creations had a significant impact on popularising the field of fashion design. So it comes as no surprise that he comes in first place!

2. ROHIT BAL- He is renowned for his passionate interest in design as a fine art. It’s also important to emphasise his attention to detail! The stunning couture collections by Rohit Bal are all that is required to gain a sense of modern Indian fashion.

3. ANITA DONGRE- For the designer, Indian culture, tradition, and craftsmanship have long served as sources of inspiration. She won a prize for excellence in fashion design in 2008. Four separate brands—Anita Dongre, Anita Dongre Grassroot, AND, and Global Desi—sell her creations.

4. SABYASACHI MUKHERJEE- Designer Sabyasachi, who is headquartered in Kolkata, began designing in 1999, and his background and heritage have always had a big impact on his work. His speciality is traditional and Indian, and he draws inspiration from Kolkata’s picturesque surroundings. In addition to being traditional, he also has a keen understanding of Western culture, which is why he worked with Christian Louboutin to design embroidered Louboutin shoes.

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