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HRX Brand By Hrithik Roshan | Be the best version of yourself | #Keepgoing

Being healthy is everything. As we all are aware these days being fit is the new way to live a healthy lifestyle everyone is doing their bit to be healthy.it doesn’t only take care of one’s body but also make feel comfortable, we feel more light and powerful, energetic and strong. Working on our body from any form of natural way, whether be it yoga or gym, running, jogging, playing sports can show better results.
Nowadays, many celebrities have opened their one brand, be it in clothing or any kind of business, our favourite Bollywood stars are giving neck to neck competition to many other business tycoons in the country.


India’s homegrown activewear brand was founded in November 2013 by Hrithik Roshan and Exceed Entertainment. The collections are a combination of style and substance, drawn from Hrithik Roshan and his lifelong dedication to achieve the fittest version of himself.
Roshan Junior launched his lifestyle brand HRX in 2012 when his only screen appearance was in Karan Malhotra’s ‘Agneepath’, a remake of the 1990 Amitabh Bachchan-starrer. The company is co-owned by Afsar Zaidi, the founder of celebrity management firm Exceed Entertainment.

The name represents the X-factor, signifying one to push oneself towards the path of excellence to achieve the best outcome possible. An example of a successful ‘Make in India’ story, HRX aims to revolutionize the fitness scenario in India, as a value-for-money, high-quality alternative to international brands. The brand offers a range of products including sports shoes, men’s joggers, t-shirts, backpacks and select women wear (joggers, sports bras, t-shirts). Product categories across HRX Active Wear, HRX Casual and HRX Yoga and are available on e-commerce platforms including Myntra, Flipkart and Jabong.

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Inspired by Hrithik Roshan’s life that taught him, no matter how big adversity, it can be overcome with perseverance, HRX was built in 2013 by Hrithik Roshan and Exceed Entertainment. Created to inspire and guide billions of people, HRX aims to help people achieve their fitness goals. Not just a brand, HRX is a mission that helps us enable and support people to be the fittest, happiest and most confident version of themselves.


When we work on our fitness, it brings about a drastic change in all aspects of our life. At HRX, it’s our mission to motivate and enable you to work on your mind and body, making sure you can be the best version of you.


Find your inner hero
Each of us can be better tomorrow.
All the resources we need are within us.
It is each one’s RESPONSIBILITY – to oneself, not to anyone else – to be the best version of oneself that one can be.
To CONFRONT our fear and discover the ecstasy of overcoming it.
Once we know this, we will never settle for anything less.
And this can only come from a DISCIPLINED, healthy, sound mind in a fit sound body.
HRX: To the best possible version of ourselves we can be.


The journey of HRX over the years has been nothing short of a rollercoaster. With every year bringing its own adventures, here a look at some of HRXs biggest highlights on this motivational journey.
2013: HRX launches itself on Myntra with its first 100 products.
2013: The first-ever photoshoot with Hrithik Roshan takes place with Daboo Ratnani.
2014: HRX participates in Asia’s first shoppable Hangout with Google+. Models display clothes LIVE on the hangout and which users can buy directly via Myntra
2015: The first campaign video featuring Hrithik Roshan is launched on YouTube and other digital channels.
2016: HRX launches its new Activewear collection with the Challenge Your Limits campaign.
2017: HRX goes live with its collection on fashion portal, Jabong
2018: HRX launches its range of HRX Workouts with Cult. Fit at 3 of their centres in Gurgaon.


In 2013, Flipkart-owned online shopping portal, Myntra, bought a majority stake in Roshan’s clothing line, just a month before the actor and his wife of 14 years, Sussanne separated. The fashion brand plans to soon foray into activewear, personal care, innerwear, sunglasses, backpacks and wearable as well. It is eyeing a turnover of Rs 500 crores by 2020. After a booming online presence, the brand plans to open its first offline store in Bangalore.

He signed a five-year, Rs 100-crore deal with health and wellness start-up Cure. Fit. The HRX founder’s equity stake in the start-up is in lieu of royalty from HRX, cash investment and promotions. Last year, Cure.Fit raised another Rs 6 crore from the actor through his entity Extreme Brands, and in a personal capacity.

Cult fitness centres, run by CureFit across India, offer Roshan’s specialised HRX Workout plan and HRX Athlete Meal pack. HRX Workout alone is expected to generate a business of Rs 250-crore annually in the coming years.

Xiaomi joined hands with Roshan’s HRX brand for its wearable Mi band in September 2017. Named the Mi Band HRX Edition, the device was designed with extensive feedback about active lifestyle and fitness from the actor himself. The licensing arrangement with Xiaomi is in lieu of royalty payout to the brand.

With India’s athleisure market expected to reach Rs 54,000 crore in just one year, the actor is currently looking for fresh start-ups to invest in.


Budgeting is a very important factor when comes to any kind of brand. People look for clothes which are affordable as well as have good quality. The products are decently priced. The prices are in between

It is usually kept comparable with the monies incurred by other e-commerce platforms on this category to ensure we have enough for new customer acquisition, the visibility that translates into sales and sufficient buzz during the big events and campaigns. Our objective is to get maximum ROI from our marketing bucks, which translate into increased traffic and in turn, into consumer conversion.

HRX is currently an online brand and we are constantly using high-level data mining and analytics for improving the consumer experience algorithms. We will continue to innovate to ensure we stay ahead of the game in terms of offering a unique experience once we make ourselves available in offline retail this year.

Additionally on ground HRX provides a live experience through pop-ups at the marathon expos, it helps in extending the live HRX experience to a captive audience who is willing to engage with product and communication.


“Throughout the life of HRX, we’ve had contributors who have made the fitness movement possible through their association and support of the years. With many more to come, the only place to go is onward.” Said by Hrithik Roshan
Added by Hrithik in an interview “HRX and Curefit have a strategic business partnership in the health and wellness space. As part of the collaboration, Hrithik Roshan and HRX are equity partners in Curefit and share a common vision to transform the Fitness and Wellness ecosystem in the country.  Hrithik Roshan’s signature workout – ‘HRX Workout’, designed by him along with his personal trainer under his brand HRX, is available exclusively at all Cult.fit centres and eventually will be made available on the Cure. fit mobile app.  Cult.fit is predicted to witness an exponential growth as a result of its association with Hrithik Roshan and the synergy of ideologies between HRX and Cure.fit.

To supplement the regime, an HRX Athlete Meal pack is also made available on the Cure. The fit app, albeit in Bangalore only for starters. With the launch of the HRX Athlete Pack, the collaboration has moved beyond fitness to nutrition. An increasing number of people in India are advancing their fitness regimes to high-intensity workouts, and this new venture will be successful in catering to their specialized nutritional needs through expertly curated meal options.

Being an equity owner and at the helm of things, HRX and Cure.fit’s strategy of introducing celebrity-branded WOs is seeing fruition. Following the HRX footsteps, the Prowl WO has been recently announced along with specialized running with Milind Soman. KL Rahul has been brought on board for Cult gyms. As strategic partners, we will continue to grow this space for the overall growth of the business.
We will continue to see HRX presence across verticals that fit in with the overall brand ideology – any advocacy on fitness and holistic health care will be partnered with by HRX.”


A partner since 2013, Myntra has been the one source destination for those who wish to change it up with HRX apparel.


A leader of the fitness faction, Curefit have helped create the HRX Workout and DIY videos which can now be accessed using the Curefit app.

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“Through our communication strategy, we will continue to tap into every possible group of engaging audience. We are building a strong association with the running community by partnering with the marathon franchises in our country. HRX provides a live experience through pop-ups at these marathon expos, it helps in extending the live HRX experience to a captive audience who is willing to engage. Our Influencer program is undoubtedly the most organic today. Thoughtful customization, a great in-hand experience and a good outreach gets us responses, which unlike others are unpaid and most genuine.

Our core focus continues to be Digital Marketing and all our marketing and communication content will serve the purpose of keeping our consumer motivated to Becoming the best version of himself.

HRX is looking at investing in an enhanced retail experience through the use of technology. Product and design innovation with a continued focus on new category introductions will drive the sales. Introduction of new products to the portfolio will fuel the growth. Continued focus on women’s line to make its contribution grow up to 45% from current 35% is a part of the growth strategy.

“HRX is growing at 100% YoY and we intend to undertake a 100% growth target for this fin year as well.
The strategy is simple- Best products at the most affordable prices. Our focus on quality remains constant and unparalleled. As a brand, we have evolved in product design, styling and quality and have come a long way to becoming No.1 in sportswear category on Myntra. Our focus this year is on building women’s category, footwear and offline stores.” Said Hritik


Website: https://www.hrxbrand.com/
Myntra: https://www.myntra.com/hrx
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hrxbrand
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/hrxbrand
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hrxbrand/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/hrxbrand

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