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Bhumi Pednekar shares a thoughtful message on Instagram on World Nature Conservation Day

On World Nature conservation day, various Bollywood celebrities were seen spreading awareness regarding environment conservation. One of the well-known actresses i.e. Bhumi Pednekar were seen displaying the greener side of her famous spots across the country through her lens. It has been observed that this famous Bollywood beauty shared several videos of places like Metro station, the Gateway of India and Marine Drive of Mumbai, Howrah bridge of Kolkata and many other places to spread the message to the nation that they can look far better places wrapped in a green belt around them.

Along with the videos shared by Bhumi Pednekar, she shares a thoughtful message on her Instagram that, “Let the green side grow, let it breathe! Imagine a clean and green world where we all live together as one big happy family!! It’s important to protect what nature gives us! It’s time that we make the switch to just about becoming environmentally conscious by changing our daily habits. P.S. Do this and it will make you happy and your surroundings even happier #worldnatureconservationday.


It has been revealed that this climate activist Bhumi pens a thoughtful message for her fans that she always used to think that what was the primary reason that her parents named her “Bhumi or Earth?” It has been seen that people residing on this earth firmly think that our planet does not possess sufficient resources similar to the way a child thinks that their mother will tolerate all their tantrums but they never realize like other people that there is an unconditional relationship between the mother earth and their child. I firmly believe that to my knowledge it is true to some level, however, self-respect and self-love are the two most important aspects of anyone’s existence. So, it hardly matters whether it is mother earth or our biological mother who has raised us.

During my childhood days, I used to wonder what will happen if in case all the water will get dries up, if all the trees will be cut to reuse it to make furniture, paper, and building. If there will be a deficit in the production of the food grains because of the corrosive soil and if there would be a change in the weather conditions resulting in the difficulty of surviving for the various people. What will happen if the air gets polluted due to which people won’t be able to breathe properly? Such types of questions used to emerge in my head for hours. But till now nothing has been changed, still, the same questions arise in my mind. So, I understand that I am worried about the climate which still exists as I am very much attached to my surroundings.

Till now, I am not able to find a solution for the same anxiety but today I understand clearly that all my imagination or curiosity has become a reality. So, because of all those notion and conception related to nature has made me start a mission as a climate warrior. Being a part of this mission, I found that it required more attention and awareness along with a drastic change for humankind.

Finally, we all have to gear up and start a journey by changing our mindset and accepting that climate change can result in the devastation of the world. By making small changes we can make a huge difference by taking the initiative of recycling the plastic and reusing them. Implementing the strategies of saving water and adopting eco-friendly products will surely bring a tremendous change. To conclude this I would recommend all the people to be kind and thoughtful about nature.

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