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Bollywood Celebrities who follow Vegan Lifestyle?

People have a lot of reasons for changing their diet. It can be medical reasons, a love of animals, a switch in flavour or the environment. Transitioning to veganism can be difficult and it should be done with caution. Nowadays, many celebrities are increasingly opting for a greener lifestyle. A vegan diet includes meals prepared with only plant-based sources and it does not comprise dairy products that are sourced from animals. The concept of veganism is not new but it has received a lot of attention nowadays as many Bollywood celebs are turning vegan. Here are some Bollywood celebrities who follow a vegan lifestyle:

Bollywood Celebrities who follow Vegan Lifestyle?

1) Kangana Ranaut – Kangana Ranaut turned vegan in 2013. She was a non-vegetarian previously. The actress stopped consuming dairy-based products after she realised that it was giving her acidity. She is very vocal about her views on veganism and cow slaughtering.

2) Alia Bhatt – The actress has recently turned vegan and is a new member of the green club. It is possible that she has turned to veganism because of her love for animals.

3) John Abraham – John Abraham became vegan in favour of animal rights and he does not think meat is necessary for bulking up his body. He is very affectionate towards animals and tries to protect them from inhumane acts.

4) Aamir Khan – The actor decided to follow in his wife’s footsteps and decided to go vegan in 2015. He took the decision when his wife showed him a video about the common diseases caused by consuming animal products and how a diet change can prevent them.

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