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Bollywood director erases old sexiest tweets yet web begins insulting him with his Tata Nano tweet

At the point when the world is in a great amount of stress over the neatness and well-being to defeat the pandemic coronavirus. A Bollywood executive who is known for his dubious movies and rash, fringe oppressive and intolerant tweets, Vivek Agnihotri, is by all accounts cleaning himself from the internet-based life stage. He has erased a portion of his most hazardous posts from one of the social media platforms Twitter.

According to one of the newspaper reports, the pattern was brought up by Alt News fellow benefactor Mohammed Zubair who took to Twitter to share a screen capture of a tweet Agnihotri had posted in 2013.

In the raunchy and incredibly hazardous tweet, Agnihotri is by all accounts taunting assault and survivors of assault with an image highlighting a Tata Nano vehicle. “What makes Nano the safest car for women?” he tweeted alongside a picture of a Tata Nano alongside Ratan Tata with the words “there is basically no real way to get assaulted here” on it.

In the midst of conversations about the characterless and conceivably lethal assault culture in urban India in the wake of the ‘Bois Locker Room’ disastrous on Instagram, the tweets appear to be becoming famous online, in spite of being erased.

The tweet was before Agnihotri’s book ‘Urban Naxals: The Making of Buddha in a Traffic Jam’ turned into a moment hit in post-Bharatiya Janata Party India with the administration soon co-selecting the expression “Urban Naxal” to target left-wing and radical, against government activists and scholastics.

From that point forward, Agnihotri has made some amazing progress in cleaning his picture and lining up with the conservative anteroom on the Internet, turning into a banner kid for conservative “intelligent people”. Movies like Buddha in a Traffic Jam (2016) which portrayed “scholarly psychological oppression” and the nexus among scholastics and outfitted fear-based oppressors over India’s urban communities and Tashkent Files (2019) which depended on paranoid fears in regards to the passing of Lal Bahadur Shastri have helped him gain majoritarian support and become a representative of numerous a misogynist, extremist troll via web-based networking media.

Yet, with older Nano tweet reemerging, many felt constrained to share it as a token of influences, for example, Agnihotri likewise added to assault culture. Some even labelled Delhi Commission for Women’s Swati Maliwal in the tweets, encouraging her to make a move.

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