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Comedian Sanjay Rajoura was accused of ‘sexual misconduct.

It seems like Sanjay Rajoura has been involved with another accusation. Just a few months back, he was based by the Hindu community for making derogatory jokes about Lord Ganesha and Lord Shiva. However, now the allegations against him seem to be heavier than just joking about it.

Comedian Sanjay Rajoura was accused of 'sexual misconduct.

The Comedian has been accused of sexual misconduct. On September 23, a woman named “Tara” (she used a fake name to hide her privacy). She had accused him of a lot of things. Apparently, the comedian had forced her to give him oral sex in public. He had also referred to her in a derogatory term. 

She had posted on her Instagram “It took me more than a few months to come to the painful realization that what had happened between us was toxic, overpowering, and problematic.” She also added “So why am I speaking up now? I am doing this for MYSELF, to unburden this weight I have been carrying for so long. It is not on me to convince the world of my experience, hence I am not attaching any proof. I am doing this for closure.

Her post ended with these words “The instances I have mentioned are only the tip of the iceberg of my traumatic experience. I have lost all my friends since, after having several breakdowns and anxiety attacks. The things I went through almost drove my mother to the point of insanity. At this moment I do not have the emotional bandwidth to initiate a formal complaint. I want to move on to a better life, this ends here.” 

The comedian has not commented on anything yet.

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