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‘It was so so tough’: Dia Mirza on leaving son Avyaan for work.

Model, actress, producer, and social worker Dia Mirza welcomed her son, Avyaan Azaad in May along with her husband Vaibhav Rakhi. The new mom has gotten back on stride by taking her first trip away from her son which lasted for a total of four hours. The actress revealed how even if the time duration was less she couldn’t help but miss her son terribly. She also went on to thank her team with the following, ‘Finally stepped out last evening to be a part of a very special event. More on that soon! For now, just wanted to thank this amazing team for making me feel super even though it was so so so tough going away from Avyaan for those 4hrs. Mamma will work Avi because Mamma wants to make the world a better place for you to grow up in my jaan‘.

'It was so so tough': Dia Mirza on leaving son Avyaan for work.

The distance made it especially hard on Mirza as her son spent the first four months of his life in NICU, after which she shared a picture of her son on Instagram with the caption, ‘Avyaan, you have taught us humility, grace, and the power of prayer. Stay blessed baby. You complete us in every way. All our family and friends this time would not have been half as comforting without your strength and prayers. Thank YOU all. You know who you are. Have to add, to all the parents out there who are coping with their premies being in NICU, love, strength and prayers for you and your little one’s‘.


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