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Cost of ad rejected by Kartik Aryan (pan masala)

Everyone is praising Bollywood actor Kartik Aaryan these days and he deserves each of those praises. He turned down a Rs 9 crore pan masala advertisement to endorse paan masala.

Several reports have suggested that he took a stand and refused to endorse a tobacco brand. It is nice to know that there are still Bollywood celebrities like Kartik who seem to have principles and integrity which is a rare commodity in today’s actors who are greedy and try to earn money in any way possible and accept advertisement deals for products which are harmful to the common people. It is not easy to say no to such a huge amount of money but Kartik is conscious of his responsibility as a youth icon and made the right choice and did the right thing.

Kartik Aaryan joined the wagon of actors who have refused to endorse tobacco and paan masala. He has been rightfully dubbed as a man of principles. He has joined a list of actors which includes Allu Arjun who has also turned down a deal of Rs 20 crore to promote a pan masala brand.

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