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Download “First Nights” Tamil movie in HD from Tamilrockers

First Nights is a Tamil movie written by Jack Prabhu, Kalaiyarasan Rajendren and Santosh and directed by Jack Prabhu and Santosh.

Download "First Nights" Tamil movie in HD from Tamilrockers

The movie is a 4-chapter anthology that revolves around 7 couples in one broad backdrop – the first night of marriage. The movie deals with something that everyone speaks about in hushed whispers, which is taboo to speak openly in public and something that makes people embarrassed and turn pink discussing — the Indian concept of the first night when the newlyweds are often also newly acquainted. The movie revolves around the action that happens and the emotions that are involved between a couple that night.

The producer of this movie is Jack Prabhu under Raging Bull Actors Studio. The important and pivotal roles in the movie are played by Meera Balasubramanian, Ganesan Kaliyamoorthy, Monisha Murali, Anusha Prabhu, Jack Prabhu, Shree Raghav, Kalaiyarasan Rajendren, Santoshh, Abitha Venkat and Pradeep Vijayan. The music of this movie is composed by D.A. Vasanth while the cinematography is done by Imran Ahmedh K.R., Naveen Kumar, Vikram Mohan and Karthik Thorali. The movie is edited by Santhosh Kumar. First Nights are scheduled to be released in theatres on 5th October.

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