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Esha Gupta opens up how she dealt with the ‘casting couch.

Recently, a lot of celebrities have come out in the open about facing sexual harassment that they had to face working in the Industry. The glamorous Bollywood that we see from the outside, is quite a dark world there. 

Esha Gupta opens up how she dealt with the 'casting couch.

Esha Gupta recently opened up about how she would be asked for sexual favours and would not be even cast in movies if she did not adhere to those wishes. She shared two such experiences. She said “One of them, well I did the film still. Because it was a little sly move. I think they also expected an outdoor shoot, ‘we’ll just be really nice to her, things may change then‘. But I am also really smart, I said, ‘I am not going to sleep alone. I used to make my makeup artist sleep in the room with me. I said ‘Oh I am scared, I won’t sleep’...But the problem is also they only do it to us, they won’t do it to the industry kids because there, their parents will come and kill you. But to us, they would do thinking she wants work.

For the second instance, she said “Then there was where halfway through the film, the co-producer told the maker of the film, ‘I don’t want her in the movie. Why is she there?‘ This is after 4-5 days of starting the shoot. He said, ‘No she is my Heroine.‘ The maker came to me and asked ‘Did this happen with this guy?and I looked at him and laughed saying yes sir,” the actress said and added: “There are also people who don’t give me work because they say, ‘She is not going to do anything, what’s the point?’ But you realise that you make your own way.”


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