Happy Birthday Kareena Kapoor- 5 times we loved ‘Bebo’s’ iconic performances, check here

The Queen of Bollywood, the talented and glamorous actress loved by all and popularly known as Bebo turns 40 today. Being an integral part of the film industry for more than 18 years now, Kareena Kapoor still manages to turn heads with her style, fashion and attire.

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So here are 5 times that we loved Kareena with her iconic performance:

3 Idiots:

When Amir Khan is the hero and the ‘meant to be’, you will definitely run away from the wedding. Kareena, as a nerdy Doctor, Pia falls in love with Rancho – Amir Khan; an engineering student. To sum it up let’s just say that true love is meant to be


Kareena’s performance in Heroine was applauded by all. Her beauty in the film is commendable. Even if its an item song that she performs in, her expressions and her dance style make you feel her emotions. With her electrifying performance, she reminds us that she is the undisputed Queen of dance.

Jab We Met:

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Her role as Geet in the movie Jab We Met was a landmark in her career in the Bollywood industry. With passion, pain and laughter from every scene that she was in, she sets the standards of being a good actress really high.

Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham:

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How can we mention Kareena but not the most popular family film of all time? Playing the role of Pooja, often called Poo, Kareena inspires to do an Indo – western dance at a family function with her performance in Bole Chudiya. Her dialogue, “Mere saath prom me Jaane ke liye tum sabko teen departments mein brilliant hona chahiye…and that is good looks, good looks and good looks.” Is still one of the most remembered dialogues to date and never get old.


Taking up this role early in the Bollywood career, she took up this bold character and rocked it.
All I can say is that Bebo is like wine; she only ages as she gets old. Her tiny one, Taimur steals our heart from time to time. We wish her Happy 40th Birth Day, and can’t wait for more of her performances!

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