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Hardy Sandhu enjoys birthday celebrations, check here for the photos

Music is a very important part of everyone’s life. We all have different phases to hear one. The upset mood is equal to sad songs, happy dance mood is equal to good songs. Punjabi songs have always been of great fun, they just bring loads of extra good energy in you. This reminds me today itself I saw the wonderful Instagram post of HARDY SANDU. The post is on his birthday. Let’s talk about the captions before we go on to the pictures, it says ‘ happy birthday to me, not counting this year to my age.’ He initiates the caption by wishing himself and later he says this humorous line that I am not counting this year to my age. It simply means he wants to be young forever like all of us. Also, he is young at heart that we can notice it from his baby birthday face. 

Let’s talk about the pictures, he uploads three pictures in total. Obviously, all related to his birthday. He has celebrated his birthday CHANDIGARH. Don’t you all get excited about your friends birthday, trust me the best part is the cake cutting, after two mins the cake is on the face. And all of us want to be the first one to rub the cake against the face. Same have been done by harry, we so can see it from his last picture. 


Let’s talk about them in detail, initiating with the first one, birthday without decorations is useless. So how can our Harrys birthday be one of those? There comes in golden decor similar to his heart GOLDEN. Which simply says ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRO.’ Cakes are the BACKBONE of birthday, thereby we see two cakes in his hands. One is the guitar cake, for pretty obvious reason. The other one is the cricket cake, which boy doesn’t love cricket we all know our Patiala boy is the biggest fan of cricket. 

The three pictures are telling us what all followed another minute. In the first picture, our boy is having a happy birthday face. In the second he is looking at the cricket base theme cake. In the third the friends come and rub it all against his face, that is why in the third picture the face is full of cake. 

In his birthday outfit, which he have kept it quite simple, giving us a proper summer vibe. Light rose pink t-shirt with white shirts. The t-shirt is not a basic one it says ‘TOI AVEC MOI’ which is ‘ BETWEEN YOU AND ME’ without any doubts he is talking about him and his super loving fans. I am feeling so super excited for my birthday after looking at this, can’t wait for my theme cakes, but if my friends are reading this I want to you guys to get me a cake of my favourite harry sandy. What could be better than that, don’t guys agree to me with this? Obviously all you because harry is not only ruling my heart with his talent but I am sure he is ruling your heart as well. 

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