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How the celebs will spend their quarantine time?

Celebrity has only a little quarantine Time in a day. Many of them were forgetting a value of family and friends in their daily routine because of that celebrity were loosing their valuable gifts of life. Nowadays they will spend a time with a family member and friends. In quarantine time, they used to play with children. Every man were born to love nature.

Though they were a ordinary man or a celebs, in there pastime nature will took a place. Some celebs were happy with their pets such as dog and cat. Pet animals were grown with a great care and affection by the celebs. Usually there will take selfies with the pets and upload it in social medias.

Mobile phones play a vital role in spending their quarantine time. Now because of pandemic corona virus, Many were bored and spend there times in mobiles and television. Even celebrity get very bored. So, they entered into social media. It becomes their pass time. there will be viewed for likes and comments for the Post. Likes by the audience will rate there values in the field.

For celebs, there must be fit both physically and mentally, there will do meditations and yoga during their quarantine time, because they were admired by the audience Celeb has only a few hours in a day, as their quarantine time! In case of a actor and actress, Their will have night suite. There will be tired and lacked of energy. In that case quarantine time we’re spend by sleeping. every minute is spent in such a useful way. There will love to travel and explore the world. Many will spend their quarantine Timed by travelling, riding and cooking. There will never waste even a minute of their life because it is hard to replace it in life. while travelling, photography is done. This also become a part celebrities love photography.

Celebrities should be more aware about the way their present in front of the audience. There facial expressions will rate them so, during the quarantine Time they will bring out the external beauty in them. More than the inner beauty, external beauty of an celebrity will speaks a lot. But inner beauty is essential to judge a man even though they were a celebs. There were many celebs, who was interested in studying a book to develop there personality and present them in natural way. Book brings out a beauty of imagination in man so, some will read books in there quarantine time. celebrity, the personality who is impressed and admired by every one, there must enrich a attitude. so, there must be physically and mentally fit.

Another quarantine time is tiktok, which popularised many celebs. some will do tiktok to become a celebrity and some will do after becoming celebrity to maintain there frame in the market. Tiktok which is used by a celebrities a tool and for an entertainment. Most of there times were spend in social medias. By spending there times in tiktok will make both the audience and the celebs to come closer and contact each other. Usually celebrities will think to spend there time, even in there quarantine time their will think of ,where it will enrich there market.

To be physically, mentally and fresh up their minds , celebs will spend their quarantine time in games such as badminton, golf etc.., If the celebs were depressed or mood off the one and only way to relax is game, which was chosen by them. there used to attend the parties in there interdict time. where celebs will meet there audience and fans. photos are taken which was published in social medias and increase the value of them.




Silence is the most essential thing for a stressful man. as there are being a celebrities there mind the full of stress, so in there isolated time , they remain silence. Thinking of there path, how there become a celebs in there isolation period. Famous men have to take up a listener in there hands so, in there segregation time they will think of a way to attract the listener in all possible ways. There standard speaks a lot.

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