Javed Akhtar becomes first Indian to be awarded Richard Dawkins Award


The prestigious Richard Dawkins award is won by eminent person Javid Akhtar who is an Indian political activist, poet, lyricist, screenwriter, originally from Gwalior area.

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A raised honour

Jawad Akhtar is the first Indian who received Richard Dawkins award 2020 for critical thinking, holding religious dogma up to scrutiny, advancing human progress and human values. He also received many awards such as Padma Shri (1999), Padma Bhushan (2007), the Sahitya academy award and along with five national film awards.

In the early life of his work time was a screenplay, creating famous movies like Sholay, Zanjeer and then he moved out of that and became a lyricist and social-political activist.

This kind of respectable awards is presented to only those who raise their voice about secularism, rationalism and uphold scientific truth.

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