Jennifer Aniston joins Courtney Cox and her dogs to urge people to wear masks. Check the adorable picture here.

With the growing number of coronavirus cases in the United States of America, now Hollywood stars are encouraging people to wear a mask. Jennifer Aniston is one of them who recently posted a long post urging people to wear a mask while going out. After Jennifer Aniston’s post, her best friend Courtney Cox posted an adorable video of her dogs reaching out to people the importance of wearing a mask.

In the video, her two dogs can be seen playing with the masks. The actor added statements in the video to make it look more appealing. “Just put it on,” said one of her dogs to the other. “No,” answered the other. “I’m going to make things worth a bit,” the pooch proposes before the other accepts. Through her adorable pets, she urged people to wear masks when they walked out. In the end, both Courtney Cox and Jennifer Aniston can be seen wearing matching masks along with their dogs.

‘Friends’ actor Courtney Cox and Jennifer Aniston put safety first as recently both were seen going out for an evening wearing a mask.

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