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Karan Singh Grover’s recent picture in his abs is raising the temperature so high, check here

Nowadays summers are going on, no one cannot do with air conditioners, but today’s temperature is super high, not in the country but on Instagram. The recent update of Karan Singh Grover is setting fire on Instagram. His cuts and curves are saying a lot about his hardwork. It’s not an easy job to be part of six-pack abs family but with this, I am reminded of a beautiful quotation ‘ difficult roads leads to beautiful destination’, trust me this is one of those. It’s not easy to transform your body, it takes a lot of hardwork and most importantly it takes CONTROL OVER FOOD. It’s very difficult to control your tempting for food. Hardwork is important, diets also play an important role here. Selecting boiled veggies, peanut butter, tons of protein over biryani and butter chicken is not an easy task. 

The hotshot picture of Karan Singh Grover which is setting the temperature super high stated ‘ CONSTANT STATE OF MIND’ as its caption. The proper fit body which is saying a lot about cuts and curves is having a constant state of mind. The emoji used in the caption is similar to the tattoo on one of his arms. Similarity plays an important part here for this. The pose he is striking is not less, the plain black t-shirt, that he held in his hand showing off his abs and abdominal body is superb. The underwear he is promoting say rocky start, not a usual update but I feel like its a promotion picture to ROCKY STAR. 

Advertisements play an important role, the brands we don’t know are promoted by our favourite stars as they are the best influencers and we are kind of moved to buy that product. Which is of a good deal to the company. That is why they hire such influencers for better business. 


We all must have seen Bipasha Basu’s great yoga views, at that time she did a great job in it. But now I feel as the spouse is no less. The way he is rocking today is worthy of praise. Isn’t it? Obviously it is. fitness does play an important part in everyone’s life but I feel is making six-pack abs have been a trend now where not only boys whereas even girls want to be part of that family. Our actors and actresses are even promoting fitness on a large scale, talking about Karan Singh Grover, Hritik Roshan. Whereas in girls Bipasha Basu, Shilpa Shetty, Disha Patna and obviously the most famous gym looks of our queen Karen Kapoor khan. 

All of these are really promoting fitness. With this, all age groups are working in gyms. Not only gaming and yoga but many dance forms like Zumba have been very trendy these days. Fitness is important but yeah doing it in a fun-loving way is great. The main point is to go for walks, running jogging etc just try to be fit enough. We should really appreciate all the hardwork of our stars. But no matter what today I will talk about Karan Singh Grover because the hardwork he has done is next level and sorry Bipasha I am already becoming his biggest fan after this picture of his and many are behind me. 

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