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Kriti Sanon says Akshay Kumar new movie Bachan Pandey is a full package, he is in the beast mode

Our mister fit of Bollywood one and only Akshay Kumar is now ready to surprise you all with his new movie soon.
Yes this superhero of Bollywood was shooting a movie called Bachan Pandey which is a hindi remake of a tamil movie called VEERAM which is now being directed by Farhad Samji and Sajid Nadiadwala. Akshay Kumar’s each and every movie has become a blockbuster and has always ruled over the box office.

The dedication to work and hard work for the provided roles to him has always provided him a fruitful reward.
The poster has been released by the film makers which gives us an idea of the role that Akshay is playing in the movie .

The looks of Akshay in the poster is quite bantam and agrarian. The savage looks of him on the poster has caught everyone’s attention and his fans are now guessing his role in the film.

Akshay is being co – starred with the gorgeous actor Kriti Sanon

Kriti was the one who revealed the details regarding this project and said that akshay’s beast mode is on ! The details that the former revealed tell us that the movie is an undocked package and that this movie contains every element of action , comedy , love and dramaturgy as well .

These details tempt us to watch the movie eagerly.
The film is going to be released on January 21st , 2021.
Our Mr. Fit has always done movies with a commendable storyline line , he surely knows which role suits him and then give his complete hard work, dedication and time to meet the levels of excellence so that the good content and quality acting never gets out of the entertainment industry (Bollywood).

Akshay and Kriti make a really good duo , they both were seeing performing in the movie houseful four and now after that it is in Bachan Pandey that they are going to work together and will be seen on the big screen again .
Kriti has always admired Akshay Kumar for his work and revealed how much she respects him whenever asked any question related to him .

Since it was said before that the movie is a complete package of action , comedy , thrill and romance therefore this means that every kind of viewer either one loves action or Romance, he or she will surely love it because it has every element that is perfectly fitted in the movie as a fool proof combination.

Also Aamir khan requested the makers and Akshay Kumar to shift the date of the movie fro 25th December 2020 to some other date because his own movie laal Singh Chaddha was about to be released on that day as well therefore Akshay and the makers decided to shift the date to 21st January 2021 later then Aamir khan thanked him sincerely and humbly for shifting the date.

We hope the movie makes up to the demands and hopes of the akshay’s and kriti’s fans and also becomes a super hit .

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