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Kriti Sanon shares a thoughtful quote on life, check here

The 30-year-old actress, Kirti Sanon deserves to be in the headlines today after the beautiful and motivational Instagram post that she uploaded.

After watching the Secret by Rhonda Byrne; loos like Kirti has taken up the path of self-discovery and self-exploration. For those of you all who don’t know about the book ‘The Secret’, it’s about how we can receive anything that we want from the universe by the Law of Attraction, and the concept of Think, Believe and Manifest.

Well, Kirti Sanon has taken this pretty seriously and seems to be on her own path of a self-made person. Her recent Instagram reads:

‘You can never please everyone, So don’t even try.
As long as You know Your Truth
As long as your heart is in sync with your conscience
As long as you still like the person you wake up as
And You understand the one you see in the Mirror
You’ll find your peace in any storm’


Posting this with the hast tag My Mantra. She really has been giving a lot of thought into where she is going. She then added saying that ‘It isn’t For or Against anyone! Sometimes things are just that simple. Sometimes there is actually Nothing between the lines! I wrote because I like penning my thoughts or poetic ideas. What You interpret actually depends on You, and not Me’

Considering that this has been tough times for the Bollywood industry, and we need to be positive at this time. There is a lot to learn about life and the world, and its important to stay positive.
Well; looks like Kirti Sanon has adopted a new habit of penning what she thinks, something that we can all; earn!

Stay tuned for more positive articles.

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