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Lost In Space Season 2 to be released in Mid 2021

Lost in the space is one of the popular series of netflix . It revolves around the plot that is a rip in the space-time continuum forces the Robinsons, a family of space colonists, to crash-land on an unknown planet. And Now, they must battle an alien environment to escape the planet and reach safety.

And this series as you keep on watching gives you chills and makes you inquisitive about what will happen next .

The season one and season two were really a superhit but the season two ended on really sad note leaving the audience with an expression of exclamation because Maureen saw the empty space suit floating out of the airlock and assumes that Dr. Smith was dead but she was not. As the episode is about to end after the Jupiter 2 had jumped through the rift, the Robot discovered a box containing Dr. Smith’s scarf, and a blue ball that she had picked up earlier in the episode. Therefore, Smith faked her death and found a way to bootleg herself onto the refugee ship. Had she really changed, or would she continue to plot against the Robinsons in the next season?
And that Is just a really big question that the fans eagerly want to be revealed.

So taking the interests of the fans the makers will release the season three in the mid of the year 2021.

The writer of the show is claiming that the Netflix surely allows to continue the series but not always until the final script is ready and they nod at it .
Mina sundwall, maxwell jenkins, molly parker , toby Stephens and taylor russel will all surely be seen in season three as well since they are the Robinson family.
The show rates 7.3 in imdb and is to be released in the mid of 2021.

some talks also suggests that the season three will get delayed because of the Corona pandemic and will be aired on netflix in year 2022.

The fans of the show are eagerly awaiting for the season three to begin to see what actually the Robinson family is going through .

The show has also won many awards and have also a huge fan base . The co writer of the show claimed that
They(the netflix boards) kind of allow them create on it and then they don’t give them the green light until after the show comes out.However it’s pretty good so they’re gonna air it.

The season three may involve the season two’s storyline to run parallel to it so as to avoid the befuddlement.

There is no official revelation of that but the makers haven’t revealed much about the airing and storyline of the season three of their show ,

except for giving the viewers the hint of the release that is in the mid of 2021 .

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