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Malaika-Arbaaz divorce, here’s what the actress will get in alimony

Malaika Arora and Arbaaz khan had tied a knot in 1998, this couple’s romance was quite in the air in those days. everyone was thinking of them as an ideal fairy-tale coming true. Their love was thought to be glorified in 2002 when Malaika gave birth to their son .


Things appeared a little suspicious when the two were not seen together as much in the parties or in the interviews . They even stopped to come together in the shows that they were hosting during those days. In accordance with the various interviews the conclusion states that Malaika was not able to adjust in the well bonded khan family due to her over show casing behaviour.

The couple mutually decided for a divorce in family court of Bandra in 2016 and went through various counselling sessions as well but at the end got separated in 2017 ,although Malaika got her son’s custody but court gave the orders that Arbaaz would have equal right of parenting of their son as Malaika has.

Alimony ! Really Malaika?

Malaika claims herself to be a bold actor ,she believes in being “independent “and not” dependent” on anyone for anything.

But did she really took a huge sum in the name of alimony from Arbaaz?

The answer is yes !
Malaika demanded rupees 10 to 15 crore from the ex hubby Arbaaz as an alimony. Although people saw this as a contradiction due to her statements of being independent and bold .

The case was settled for 15 crores because Malaika was seen demanding 10 crore as the minimum amount.

The khan family was not happy with this attitude of Malaika , khan family is known for its well tied bond and a divorce in this family gave quite set back to the public and the family of course.

Emergence of new relationships and ending of the old ones is quite a revolving game in the B -Town ,but we surely want to see the couples being together and slowly along with understanding taking their bonds and relationships to another level .

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