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Money Hiest is Back with it’s Season 4

Money heist is a Spanish television heist crime drama series. Forged by Alex Pina, the series was initially intended as a limited series to be told in two parts. It had its original run of 15 episodes on Spanish network antena 3 from 2 May 2017 through 23 November 2017. Netflix acquired the global streaming rights in late 2017.The series was noted for its overthrow of the heist genre. While heist films are usually told with a level headed male Anglo-centric focus, the series replanes the heist story by giving it a strong Spanish identity and telling it from a female headset through Tokyo.


Money heist is of the most trending series on Netflix . When it was watched for the first time the viewers gladly appreciated it . This heist series has created a strong wave of enthusiasm for the people to watch it . All the people who had watched it till season 3 were eagerly awaiting for the season 4 to come soon . The series received critical acclaim for its citified plot, relational dramas, direction and for trying to pioneer Spanish television. The Italian anti-fascist song “Bella Ciao”, which plays multiple times throughout the series, became a summer hit across Europe in 2018.  The producers regarded the cultural identity as an important part of the personality of the series, as it made the story more relatable for viewers.. They also avoided adapting the series to international tastes  which helped to set it apart from the usual American TV series and raised international awareness of Spanish sensibilities.
Be it the millennial fans or the elder one’s this show was watched by everyone with a lot interest as each episode leaves the viewer in a suspense and that is what makes the viewers to watch inquisitively.

The heist film formula is razed by the heist starting straight after the opening credits instead of abiding on how the gang is brought together. Without a dedicated Netflix marketing campaign the series became the most-watched non-English language series on Netflix in early 2018, within four months of being added to the platform, to the creators’ surprise. This goaded Netflix to sign a global exclusive overall deal with Pina shortly afterwards.


At the beginning people surely loved it but this show didn’t gain much popularity as the other shows . The TRP of the show was ignored and no paid promotions were made ,but when Netflix recognized this show people started to watch it .people started sharing their reviews on social media and that created a lot of buzz .This heist serie is quite different from the other heist series and that is what makes it unique.

When asked a millennial about the show gave review that :-
Money heist aka la casa de papel
This show’s suspenseful plot is all what made me invest several hours into it
There is not even a single moment when you will feel like to exit the screen and check your messages. This is all you want in the name of entertainment right? Something which effects you to the core Something which teaches you secrets of winning, Something which releases dopamine in your body. LCDP never disappointed even for a second.
When I watch it I feel myself absorbing into it and witnessing the negotiations between the police and professor from my own 5 senses. I can feel the every moment.
I live in a different world when that show is going on! 🙂


The  rebirth for Money Heist season 4 came along before part 3 had even aired. It was announced ahead of time by the showrunner and creator, Alex Pina. As per all Netflix Originals, the series arrived at midnight in Los Angeles on April 3rd, 2020. The trailer for Money Heist season 4 released on March 5th and gave us our first look at what we can expect during the new season. The trailer features Tokyo narrating stating that the Professor has lost his mind and we get a first glimpse as to what will happen with Raquel in season 4. She’s offered the chance to get her old life back.
Money heist’s season 4 has been released on the Netflix and people are watching it with a lot of curiosity and interest.
People were eagerly waiting for the season 4 to begin and since the show has started or has revived people are stick to their couches and are keeping their eyes glued on this show. This show has become a sudden success for producers and director of the show and for the Netflix as well.

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