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Musician John Legend turns chef for wife Chrissy Teigen and kids in quarantine

John-Roger Stephens, he is professionally known as Jhon Legend. He is an American singer, songwriter, producer, actor and philanthropist.

“I’m most liable for cooking breakfast in my house, so I cook pancakes for my kids, I cook omelettes on behalf of me and Chrissy, waffles, French toast. Pretty much any quite breakfast you’ll imagine-bacon, sausage, all that stuff I’m liable for .” John Legend said it on British singer-songwriter Jessie Ware’s “Table Manners” podcast, reports aceshowbiz.com.

Musician John legend had given continuous back to back hits like “All of me” & “Tonight”. Amid the lockdown due to the global outbreak of coronavirus he had started cooking, he said he cooked breakfast i.e. pancakes for his kids and omelettes for his wife as well as for his this was stated by him on a podcast.

The popular cookbook author Chrissy Teigen legend’s wife as well as model. The singer says that He does not want to sing for some period of time. “She gets tired of cooking. Especially when she’s finished with her (latest cookery) book. It’s almost like once I finish touring, I don’t want to sing for a touch while. I think she feels an equivalent way when she’s just finished a book. She’s over it for a short time and she’s just not feeling creative therein moment” said John Legend.

“So she’s happy to have me help and sometime I’ll take over the whole meal; sometimes I’ll be her sous-chef and we’ll do it together and sometimes I do breakfast and lunch for the kids but she will make dinner for me and her.” But while cooking John likes to listen to music. “I like to play music as I’m cooking. So I often stream or do a playlist of stuff that I had already put together some of my favourites of this or that of artists. Sometimes I’ll hear an album but most of the time its a playlist.”

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