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Neha Dhupia pens a note on Instagram as she goes for a morning run after 80 days, Check here for the post


India has been under lockdown for almost 3 months due to the widespread of the new COVID-19 disease. The cases of coronavirus are increasing drastically throughout the country with some cities exploding with these cases. Due to the economic crisis and frustration of the people, the lockdown is slowly coming to its end.

Roadies actress, Neha Dhupia had posted few pictures on Instagram in which she was ready to run with a black mask which covered her face. She expressed the freedom and fear she felt while running early in the morning after 80 long days of lockdown. She wrote that she felt mixed emotions, the freedom that she could go outdoors and feel the morning drizzle and also the fear of the coronavirus as it is growing drastically.

This is a tough time for all the citizens of India as many people are suffering due to this disease. There is no news if any ailment or vaccine anytime soon because of which it is important for us to learn to live with this virus.

She has explained her experience well by telling about the freedom she felt in a strange way, that this freedom comes with the fear. The fear that she had a mask on and which made her keep a distance from everyone. Her feelings of freedom are felt as she writes about the splashing through the puddles while running and smiling thereafter. She again expresses her fear that there were people who still were not wearing masks, she had to keep distance and felt fear as the spirit of the famous Mumbai city was missing.


She tells it is not as safe as it used to be.

This virus has put a never-ending pause on people’s life. People are getting freedom but are they really free?

The true meaning of freedom is roaming the roads with no fear and with a feeling of safety. But unfortunately, this freedom comes with the fear of the disease and people are not safe.

Neha has motivated with her post the people who are afraid to move out and get back to their normal life.

There is no news till date on any ailment or vaccine of coronavirus. Life cannot wait for any vaccine and people have to continue to live with this bitter truth till then. She has shown that if precautions are taken then people can move out resume their lives which were paused due to the coronavirus. Things are not what they used to be and she questioned in the end that will things ever be back to normal?

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