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The 2020 World Archery Field Championships stands postponed due to Covid-19 pandemic

In the wake of Wuhan Covid-19 widespread, all international level competitions has been suspended world wide. Among them, the 2020 World Archery Field Championship scheduled to be held in Yankton, USA, have been put off until 2022.

The lockdown causes the pause for the international championship supposedly to eventuate in September at the Easton Yankton Archery Center and further decisions were taken by the administrators considering the global and athletic health. Initially, the plan was to postpone upto 2021 however the final decision set for 2022 because of scheduling unbalance and with regards of the Olympics.

“It is with huge regret that we delay the field championships but this decision had to be made in the current climate,” said Tom Dielen, World Archery secretary-general in an official statement.

He further added, “We will now focus on scheduling a successful World Games qualification event in 2021 and look forward to the Games and championships in 2022,”.

The world field event was planned to act as the primary qualifier for the upcoming World Games in Birmingham. That event was initially scheduled for 2021 but moved to 2022 following the delay of the Olympics.

A statement from The Yankton organisation committee and National Field Archery Association Foundations president, Bruce Cell, “Making the choice to reschedule an event that so many archers are working hard towards is not easy. We want to host international tournaments that Yankton and the archery community can be proud of and this is just not possible at this time”.

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