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Neha Kakkar starts a ‘Move on Challenge’ for girls crying over their exes

One of the most popular Singer, Neha Kakkar has introduced the ‘Move on Challenge’ for girls crying over their ex-boyfriends through a new video shared on Instagram.

In just four hours, the video has crossed a million views on which her fans dropping heart emojis on the same. The video shows Neha Kakkar and along with few other women crying later they transform into their glamourous avatars. One of her song popular and latest song ‘Jinke Liye’ with the lyrics ‘Jinke liye hum rote hai, who kisi aur ki baahon mein sote hai’ plays in the background.

As we all know the actor Himansh Kohli, her ex-boyfriend, they were in a serious relationship for almost a year and broke up at the end of 2018.
In a recent interview, Himansh Kohli after remaining silent for almost a year finally opened up about the breakup and said-
“Nobody wanted to know the real story and I was made out to be the villain. It was very upsetting because I wasn’t saying anything and other people were drawing their own conclusions supported what she was putting out. She cried on TV shows and everybody believed that i used to be responsible . I wanted to cry, too, but then we tend to put a brave front. ”

Soon after this interview, Neha lashed out at Himansh in a cryptic Instagram post and warned him-
“If I open my mouth…. I’ll bring here your mother, father and sister’s deeds too.. What all they did and said to me. Don’t you dare use my name and don’t become bechara in front of the world, making me look like a villain, warning you!!! Stay away from me and my name!!!!”

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