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Promoting enmity on social media, actor Ajaz Khan was arrested

Actor Ajaz Khan, arrested for hate speech on social media. Ajaz Khan Asin Indian film actor. Khan is understood for his appearance in Bigg Boss 7. He also appeared on the TV shows comedy Nights with Kapil. On 21 October 2018, he was arrested by Narcotics cell of Mumbai police for having drugs in the form of ecstasy tablets.

On 18 July 2019, he was arrested for creating and uploading videos with objectionable content promoting enmity between different groups on groups of religion and creating hatred among the public at large. He was mobbed for allegedly possessing banned drugs, police said in 2018.

According to police an offence is registered at khan police station under sections 153A of Indian Penal code and. 121, 117, 118, 501, 504 ,505(2) of the criminal procedure code against Ajaz Khan . Khan was a wild card entry on the reality show Bigg Boss.
Since his arrival he has given tough competition to fellow contestants including Armahaan Kholi. Actor Ajaz Khan is now being produced in court by the Mumbai police. His facebook videos and posts led to his arrest. “If an ant is killed, a Muslim is responsible…, If an elephant dies, Muslim is responsible”, he had said. It is a silly act. I hate enmity. He is one of the Psycho, who is promoting enmity.

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