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Rannvijay Singha shares his journey of being a sneakerhead, check here.

Rannvijay’s got SWAG as no other Indian VJ has ever had.

He also knows how to set up the perfect shot, Talk about classics with a modern twist, and boy, does the man pull them off!
There are sneakerheads who love sneakers and can identify a particular one from any photograph. Then, there are hypebeasts who just have to have every pair that they come across. 

Rannvijay surely knows how to pick his sneakers according to the occasion. He has been Seen during a gruelling task at one of his shows, Rannvijay is wearing the SF Air Force 1 ‘Desert Camo’ from Nike.

Rannvijay in his Instagram handle shared how he came to love the sneaker he wrote” My sneakers journey started in 1993 when I first discovered my love for basketball. Like any budding baller of the time I was in the awe of the OG Micheal Jordan. Watching him dominate the hardwood day in day out I began to believe that the magic came straight his air Jordan sneakers. Ball culture is all about flaunting heat on and off the court. As my love for the game grew so did my love for sneakers so that’s how the #sneakerhead in me was born. My only dream was to ball in a pair of Jordans which finally came true in 2001 when while working in construction in New York as a summer job, I copped my every first pair of jordans. The rest, as they say, is history!!!.

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