Sonal Chauhan aces the Shashankasana pose, check here for the picture.

Sonal Chauhan is a young Indian fashion model, actress and singer. She has won many beauty contests too. What costs more for such a beautiful woman to be in a buzz at social media. Some beautiful and attractive posts only.

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During the lockdown, she has been seen as highly active on social media. Her presence has increased in the digital world too. Recently she took to Instagram and posted a very attractive picture of herself doing a yoga pose named shashankasana or the rabbit pose.

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ॐ🌸🌸🌸ॐ 🙏🏻शशांकासन/The Rabbit Pose🙏🏻 •Shashankasana (śaśakā āsana) or The Rabbit Pose gives a good stretch to the upper body, including the spine and postural muscles, which releases pressure on the spinal nerves. •It not only opens the spine deeply, helping to stretch and stimulate the inter-vertebral disks, but also helps to maintain the spongy nature of the disks which helps them absorb shock from daily movement to prevent back pain. •The forward bend massages and stimulates the abdominal muscles and organs, which improves digestion. •The pituitary, pineal, thyroid and parathyroid glands and the immune and endocrine systems are also stimulated. •This pose tones the pelvic muscles and relaxes the leg muscles and relieves sciatic pain. •Compression on the legs can reduce varicose veins.  It can also help those with sexual disorders (by strengthening the uterus, for example) and diabetes. Energetic Benefits •Shashankasana supplies the brain and sensory organs with blood, improving concentration and memory and inducing relaxation. •The pose resembles the fetal position, which creates a sense of security and a feeling of surrender. •This pose is known to provide relief from mental stress and is recommended for those that feel emotionally unbalanced or have difficulty controlling anger or frustration. 🌸🐇🦋 It’s easier than most inversions because you’re not completely upside down and there is very little weight on the head. You can however receive many of the same benefits – energization and mental clarity to name a few – because your head is below your heart 💓 No matter where you’re starting from, remember to focus on breathing during the entire yoga pose to gain maximum benefits. It is most appropriate and accessible to focus more on the exhales than on inhaling. —————————— @anshukayoga . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #ॐ #morning #peace #love #calm #sonalchauhan #yoga #pose #shashankasana #magic #miracle #surrender #faith #beauty #strech #yogagirl #yogamat #fitness #yogafit #anshukayoga #fitnessmotivation #rabbitpose #fitindia #fit

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She wrote a complete informative note about the asana in the caption field with some om sign (om related to religious beliefs of Hindu). She explains that” why this asana is more effective? “. Few points highlighted by her are. Shashank asana opens the spine deeply. It helps in stretching and stimulates the inter-vertebral disks and helps in maintaining the spongy nature of the disk which helps them absorb shocks from daily activities and prevent back pain. The pose tones pelvic muscles and relaxes the leg muscles and relieves the sciatic pain. The forward bend massages and stimulates the abdominal muscles and organs. Which improves the digestion.

It can also help in sexual disorders(for example by improving uterus ), diabetes and energetic benefits. Shanshankasana supplies the brain and sensory organ with blood, improving concentration, memory and inducing relaxation. She wrote down a lot of benefits which one can get by doing this asana. She also emphasized on the importance of breathing during performing this asana.

Sonal Chauhan is a fitness freak. Due to nationwide lockdown, she was not able to approach any gym that why she tried many
yoga poses at home and shared a few of them with her fans. She motivates many of her followers to something productive in this lockdown.
Her fans like her posts very much. Her 2.8 million fans also treat the post with lots of love. The reason why this pic marks
48000 plus likes in just 2 hours. Fans loaded the picture with lots of lovely comments and praised her so much.

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