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Ranveer Singh sends a message of ‘hope’ through his live chat

The piety took to his social media to begin a live chat with his fans. He didn’t do any pre-planned action. So he simply said, “Hello! ” He starts the session with upbeat music, he shoutout to his fans and friends who tuned in. “After hibernating for very long, I am back,” he said as he went on to share the lockdown has been “emotionally challenge” as he didn’t anticipate it to go on this long.

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Actors Varun Dhawan and Sahib Salim during his chat teased Ranneer by asking him to take his shirt off. Although the actor didn’t reveal his ripped, he did gives us a peck. He assured all, “we are all in this together and believe we will come out of this with more compassion.” Before signing off to head over to do his second workout of the day, he said,” I am just reaching out to stay hello and send out good vibes and positive energy.”


He also shared love to his fans in Paris. He said,” I had good memories in that place. I wish to go soon there. Apart from this live chat about feeling bad in this quarantine, he likes to watch more films. He additionally inspired fans to interact in additional actions and do what they love to maintain bury throughout this lockdown.

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