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Ronit Roy uses tshirt to make a mask, video goes viral among fans

Creatively is blossoming everywhere during this quarantine. Every one is either showing their culinary skills or their painting skills etc. but the productive use of this creativity was done by actor ronit roy .

The gloves and the face masks are currently the need of the hour . Everyone was buying masks and gloves to prevent themselves from the infection and a time came where there was shortage of face masks and gloves.

Noticing this indian prime minister mr. Narendra modi urged people to make homemade face masks and use them , so that the surgical face masks must be used by the doctors, nurses and other civilians .A lot people came forward a shared tutorials of how to make face mask at home. Also smriti irani as well came forward and shared a video on social media on how to make homemade face masks.

Talking about the actor Ronit roy , he has uploaded a video showing how to make a homemade face mask From a t- shirt .it was really a simple yet smart way of making a face mask that he showed . To test the made face mask he lit the lighter and tried to blow the fire from the mouth and to our surprise the fire didn’t get blowed off . His IG T.V Video got more than forty thousand views. Below the video he captioned it with , simple way to wear a protective mask! Be safe y’all . Love you.

To which actor karan vir bohra wrote to cool for school and roshni chopra wrote thug life . His this way of making the mask surely had helped many to make face masks at home .

The number of corona effected patients are increasing day by day . Around the globe the total number of effected patients is 25,57, 837 out of which deceased are
1, 77 ,674 and total recovered cases are 6,95 ,262. And analyzing the patients in india the total corona effected patients are 19,984 out of which recovered are 3,870 and total number of deceased patients are 640.

We should all be aware of the current situation and should obediently obey the lockdown and help each other in each possible way.

All should practice social distancing and should observe if one have any symptoms of this novel virus and immediately seek for medication if found any symptoms.

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