Samantha Akkineni urges everyone to plant trees, shares an important message regarding environment protection, check here for the story

We all are so attached to our homes, whenever something happens be it the walls they get damages or something goes wrong with technology we all make sure the very next day everything becomes back to normal. Why can’t we do the same with our environment? Isn’t it like our home? It gives us a place to live, it’s our comfort zone, the living people are our family, we share resources, food, water etc. when there is hardly any difference in the environment and our homes then why do we differentiate between the two. Shouldn’t we keep it at the same level? Just like our mothers who are called homemakers they work every day without a day off to make our homes a perfect place to live in there are few mothers of environment who work to make it perfect, these mothers are the environmentalist, some who run NGOs etc. There are few people who multitask like our mothers, they follow their professional life and also look after the environment. 

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One example that we will be talking about today is Samantha Akkineni, who is a perfect actress along with this she is having an interest in the environment in one of her Instagram stories she is telling all her followers to plant seeds as it can be a game-changer. Many followers who love her will surely take this as a message and will surely plant a seed, she says that there should be at least one garden in each home be it a small garden or a kitchen gardens or Maybe some for the ladies who really care about their skin I am talking about the aloe vera plants, perfect for skin with an additional medical purpose. Can we please change our minds from beauty products to the main topic, it’s not about what plant but it should it at least one plant in one house. 

Whenever I am at my coffee table sipping some strong Davidoff watching at the trees just outside my window why just only one thought pops up that why are people doing such harm to nature? I totally understand its because of the needs that they have from nature but why everyone knows how to be so selfish and take whatever nature is giving to us without even thinking how selfless nature has been from so many years. In return, it’s just asking for some care, can’t we give that? Why is it that only a few people are aware of it rest all are running after their jobs their money just because so they can use  Mac and Gucci? Well, I totally forgot about the boys who really want to be in their cars just to impress one girl who at the end doesn’t even care about them, being in cars for all day long really means a lot of fuel wastage, again throwing all to nature and in return what? Really nothing. All its asking for is some care before its too late. It’s so similar to your grandparents, they are old and sick they need care, whatever you are today it’s because of their hardwork, I am so sure about it no matter what you will never hear a NO for them be it some chocolates, candies, chips etc they will always get it for you, all you need to tell is your favourites and the next day it will be there for you. But in return when they are sick all they need is some care and love, isn’t it really similar to our environment. All we need to do is care for all we love. 

Our environment is facing so many problems bigger than COVID and cancer, lets name a few deforestations, pollution, acid rain etc. Isn’t it our turn to protect our environment from all these problems. Can we all work as superheroes for our environment just to save it, because our environment really needs superheroes now? Let’s just be together and be doctors and help our environment with some white blood cells so that it can fight back all the bacteria such as deforestation, air pollution, noise pollution, acid rain etc. The most important thing is that not only a few people can work on this we who use this environment we all should work for this. Because it’s not a thing that a small group of people can do, we have to be in this together, working for our environment it’s our time to take care of it just the way it has done all this time. If we will attach our emotions to it and we will make it as the part of our family I know we will surely succeed, its time to be strong and fight back all the bacteria. 

I know many of you will ask how we will fight back all this? So here are some of the tips, we all know the entire world is so populated, it should be the responsibility of each of us to grow at least a single tree in a lifetime I am not saying in a year or maybe In a month, let me be clear once again I said in a lifetime, I think this is the least that each of us can do. By this, we can fight back bacteria named deforestation. We all love animals, especially dogs, there are so many of them who sleep with an empty stomach every night, why can’t one family give food to one dog, it can more obviously but this is the least. Why is it important to keep blowing car horns, can’t we wait? This can help in reducing a lot of noise pollution. There are many things that we do, they aren’t important all they do is harm to nature one such example is burning crackers, Ram Ji himself doesn’t come to us and tell us that Diwali celebrations should be done only by burning crackers. No its nothing of this sort, it’s just we should be sensible enough now because its high time to protect our environment now. We should stop doing things that really harm our nature. This will really help in reducing a lot of problems. I don’t want the US in this I want a WE.  Can we all become WE? Not for me but for nature. 

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