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Samiksha Pednekar brings out the bias in Bollywood, backing Rhea Chakraborty

Talking about stylish girls of Bollywood, Bhoomi Pednekar‘s name definitely comes in it. Bhoomi’s sister Samiksha Pednekar, who often makes headlines with her fashion, is no less stylish. Whenever she has appeared with actress sister, her style has always looked amazing. Bhoomi and Samiksha recently got a photoshoot done for a magazine. In this, he posed for pictures during the lockdown at home and impressed with his stylish home looks.

Samiksha is a Lawyer by profession. But she always remains in Bollywood gossips and highlights along with her sister. This time she has shared some really serious stuff on her Instagram story. She has shared three photographs with no captions or details. Because the photos itself explains the situation.

In the 1st photograph, we can see Sanjay Dutt while he got arrested and he is moving ahead of the police without anyone touching him. In the other photograph, we can see Salman Khan who is moving ahead in the same way as Sanjay Dutt as not even a policeman is touching them. But when we see her next story in which Rhea Chakraborty when she is going inside for enquiry while a lot of people including media, police and some others are surrounding her. Even she has no space so that she can move freely.
Here Samiksha tried to describe the business in Bollywood. How they treat people differently.

Talking about other reasons when Samiksha was in highlights. She follows her sister Bhoomi in matters ranging from fashion to makeup and hairstyle. A glimpse of this can also be seen clearly in his photographs. Talking about the style of the review, even after being inspired by the land, her fashion looks variety. She is sometimes spotted in a jeans-top, sometimes a maxi dress, sometimes a short dress. At the same time, when she has to go to an event with her sister, then her beauty is worth seeing. Apart from Westen, the review also has a collection of stylish trendy clothes. She likes subtle colours more than bright, which you can see in the picture. Samiksha Pednekar is the mistress of the fit body, due to which she does not miss the chance to flaunt it. She has many such tops in which she has been seen showing off her toned midwest area.

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