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Shilpa Shetty completes 15 million followers on Tiktok app, shares an adrobale video with daughter Samisha

Our miss perfect shilpa shetty is making everyone going berserk over her tik tok videos . The actor had recently joined the app and in no time she earned a huge fan following and fame over the app.

Her videos are a proof of her applaudable acting. Its her professional acting skills that help her to get along with this app because tik tok is all about acting and dancing .
She is not much currently seen doing movies but her sudden appearance made her fans happy and they watch her videos with quite interest. She is much into making comdey videos and also has given original sound to many of them as well.

She always makes her videos in a unique way , with a proper set up proper outfit and that’s what makes her videos look exceptional than all and catches everyone’s eyes.
Her husband raj kundra has also been seen in her videos many a times and they together seriously rock it ! They both actively participate in the couple challenges of tik tok . Currently they were seen doing the swap challenge which made their video gain a lot of likes and views .

Shilpa shetty also willingly participates in all the solo tik tok challenges as possible.

Shilpa shetty and raj kundra has welcomed their little angel on feb 15th 2020. The new born is named samisha. Currently shilpa shetty followers got increased to 15 million and she shared this good news with her fans by posting a video on Instagram and said that she feels that the number 15 is really lucky for her .


She in the video said “that some things in life are a little more special than the others. The number ‘15’ has been added to that list now! Our daughter, Samisha Shetty Kundra, came into our lives on 15th Feb and she turns two months old today on 15th April. It’s also a very special and happy coincidence that we have become a family of 15 MILLION on @indiatiktok today, on the 15th of April.. So grateful for all the love & blessings that you have showered on my family and me over the years… humbled beyond words. Hope you continue to stand by us, rock solid, even in the years to come”.

We can say that without any doubt that Samisha is really a good luck and a lucky charm for the couple. Her Arrival in the kundra family created an atmosphere of positivity and success for them. Samisha the world itself means some one like god and the name surely suits her .Her presence is just like a goddess for the family .

We hope shilpa keeps uploaded more videos of herself on tik tok and may her followers keep on increasing.Her fans eagerly await for her videos because she makes her videos with such a compassion that it makes the viewers watch it and recreate their own videos .

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