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Shilpa Shetty is missing her sister, shares screenshot of a video call, check here

Blood is thicker than water, nobody proves it better than Shetty sisters. We see they are so close to each other, but cover has made a thick distance between them. But they know how to fight it back. In this world of full of technology they have using it in a good way, they are fighting back their distance with FaceTime.

We come to know about this by Shilpa’s recent story, where she shares a screen capture, where her son is reading a book’ DIARY OF A WIMPY KID’. One of my childhood favourite book, with beautiful caricatures. On the other hand, Shamita is over a FaceTime, where she wants to hug and do reading sessions with them but she cannot. They are close yet so apart. That sadness and that face so long to be with them. If I would be at their place mine reactions would be the same. 

At first place, you love your children and in the second place, you love your sibling’s children. As Shamita is not having her’s, but she is loving her siblings chidden as her own. She is been doing this from the day they were born. Also, we see Shilpa’s son is supper attached to massi, he treats her like a good friend, obviously, age differences are there, and that respect is managed a lot.

 In Shilpa’s story, she shares a hashtag saying’ NEW NORMAL’ which is new and normal. This is obviously a new thing for all of us also it has become new normal, wherewith time we have adjusted to this new thing and have made it normal also this is something that we have to live with. We cannot do anything about this, but we can be happy that technology is there with us. At least we can see each other face if cannot visit each other. 

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