Shilpa Shetty shares a message to her fans through a video on Instagram,’First sanitize then do whatever guys’

Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty makes her fans entertained by sharing her funny TikTok videos on Instagram. Each of her videos is becoming viral in social media during this curfew. Recently she has shared many videos with her husband Raj Kundra for fans.

In the same way, she is making people aware of how to avoid the coronavirus infection. In this video, she is saying that before cooking, sanitise your hands, so that you can avoid disease like a corona. She advises in the form of poetry. It becoming popular on Instagram. On this video, she says,’ After handing the vegetables to the house, first of all, put the sanitizer in your hand. Then make bhindi bitter guard or potato tomato.

She also shared more videos on Instagram. In the above video, she is wearing a yellow Kurti and keep the sanitizer in her hand. Behind her vegetables are placed on the table. It must be a good awareness to all. In the caption she wrote, “First sanitize, then do whatever guys”.

Talking about Shilpa’s work she is no more starring at any films. But, now she is going to re-enter Bollywood after many years. She is set to make a comeback in films through ‘Nikamma’ and ‘Hungama 3’.

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