Tiger Shroff, Alia Bhatt, Vicky Kaushal, Karan Johar, Mahesh Babu and many others with the class of 2020 India many congratulations on their graduation and best wishes in life ahead

2020 is indeed a crucial year for everybody but the batch of 2020 needs more support from us. Those students who are graduating this year must have started their journey with high hopes and would have made great plans for their future.

Students dream lot for their graduating day from picking up the gown to decorating the graduation cap, receiving a degree, clicking photos, receiving congratulatory messages, making sure of arriving parents on the very day. And most importantly the placements that decide their future and make them capable to lead the life alone.

Gathering of students, teacher and parents is a must-have part of the graduating ceremony. But it is not necessary that things will go up like the plans that you have made for yourself. Nobody would ever think that the normal life we are used to living off would become abnormal due to this coronavirus pandemic. Who knows gatherings would become a life-threatening and punishable offence.

So in this gloomy situation, whole Bollywood fraternity comes forward and send their wishes to boost the morale of students.

Arjun Rampal put up the congratulatory video on its Instagram handle where a bunch of Bollywood celebrities pouring their wishes and giving hope to the students for their bright future.

The video starts with a very positive message of Mahatma Gandhi “IF WE WANT TO REACH REAL PEACE IN THIS WORLD, WE HAVE TO START EDUCATING CHILDREN”

In the video, Tiger Shroff shared a very nice message by saying “You guys going to make a change for the better that’s for sure”
Uri actor Vicky Kaushal said, “Your batch is not going to be called the pandemic batch, in fact, this a batch that gonna change the world.”

Many other actors shared their positive message and urge students that you are the one who can lead the world and become torchbearers for others.

We all are accepting that it is a very tough and painful time we all are going through but keeping faith is the key to make the situation better.