Urvashi Rautela, Bipasha Basu, Sophie Choudary and other Bollywood divas perform Yoga on International Yoga Day

On the occasion of 6th International Yoga Day, many famous actresses have posted their pictures online while doing Yoga and have motivated their fans and followers to celebrate this occasion at home with their families due to the COVID-19. It was formulated in the United Nations General Assembly in the year 2014 and was celebrated from its subsequent year that is, in the year 2015.

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Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual practice which originally originated n India. Yoga connects the mind, body and soul- the three elements of the human body. Yoga is the oldest physical discipline in existence and as old as 5000 years. It has been adopted by various parts of the world and so many foreigners visit India to learn yoga every year. Yoga has many advantages and the major of them is that it relaxes the mind and reduces stress and anxiety. Having anxiety is quite common in today’s era, so yoga is a kind of cure to it. Yoga also increases concentration and motivation.

Our mind is the most polluted organ with negative thoughts and doing yoga regularly can help in cleansing it. Yoga detoxifies the human body and reduces blood pressure and pulse rate. It also prevents migraine which is one more reason to add in your daily routine.
Some Bollywood divas were seen performing Yoga on this day.

Urvashi Rautela, the idol for many girls in terms of fitness, was seen posting a picture of hers while performing an asana and she also wrote about world,s music day along with International Yoga day. She is an icon and girls really crave for that perfect figure that she has so now what’s having you run away from yoga?

Next, we talk about another fitness freak, Bipasha Basu, who is famous for her fit body and fitness schedule. She is seen many times posting regarding fitness and was recently seen doing yoga.

She posted a picture performing an asana and threw some light about interesting facts about yoga and informed her fans and followers about coming live at 6 PM to make them aware about how she had been doing Yoga workouts at home and telling some important asanas. She also wrote about our Prime Minister, Modiji… We have heard in his speech that Yoga builds up our immune system and at the time of such a pandemic, it’s the least we can do in order to increase our immunity.

These Bollywood divas have motivated their fans and followers to move to a yoga life in order to live a healthy, happy and stress-free lifestyle.

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So, Yoga should not only be done on this day but regularly in order to gain the actual long term benefits of it.

Stay healthy, stay fit.

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Keep performing Yoga.

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