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Virat and Anushka engage in a light cricket knocking session, breaking the lockdown monotony

The world is currently dealing with deadly Coronavirus. Scientists and the researchers all across the world are trying to look for a sure shot cure till then prevention is the only solution to this pandemic. Everything is shut down and we are locked down in our own houses.

While this lockdown is on, we are missing new shows, new movies, IPL and even Olympics. While we are terribly missing them, our celebrities are making sure that their fans should not be missing the fields or the sets.


If you are missing the cricket just like us, then not to worry as Mr and Mrs Kohli have just the right solution for it. In the recent video, we saw our favourite couple playing cricket on the terrace. In the video, we can see Virat, Anushka along with an acquaintance playing the cricket. As Anushka takes up batting first, our captain chooses to bowl.

Then Virat puts on his gloves and bats to the bowls delivered by Anushka. We loved them playing and would love to see them playing more frequently as we too are desperately missing the captain on the field and also the IPL. We are in support of both the teams and simply want to watch them play without any condition of winning or losing. They are indeed keeping their game and their relationship strong.



Another video was uploaded by Anushka Sharma on a social media platform, showing them sharing another light cricket moment, bringing a smile on our faces. She does not want her husband to miss the feeling of being on the field especially that coming from of a particular type of a fan, so she imitated one. We love Anushka in every role she plays but her role of playing that fan has particularly stolen our hearts. We are absolutely loving Anushka as a considerate wife but if something stole our attention more than she was Virat’s reaction to this loving or not-so-loving fan.

The video instantly got some million views and went viral. Our favourite couple touched our hearts with these light-hearted cricket moments. Their fans are absolutely loving their aww moments. From being watching her latest web series ‘Pataal-Lok’ together to being his hairdresser, this couple is giving us some serious couple goals. They have been setting the bar way too high.

The couple has managed to cheer us up by breaking the lockdown boredom not just once but many times. Be it their family time by playing Monopoly or them celebrating Anushka’s birthday during this lockdown, they have managed to amuse us with their happy pictures. They are being the perfect example of how the lockdown is to be served.

No matter how much we are missing our players or our actors, the time today demands all of us to stay in our homes. Like them, spend your time with your family- play together, do the household chores together, binge-watch together, cook together and stay together.

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