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Zee5 Premium movie Chintu Ka Birthday is being loved by all, check here how netizens and critics are reacting to it


Amid lockdown, many digital platforms are emerging in different fields whether it is education, work from home or entertainment media same OTT platforms have emerged as the go-to the source of entertainment for cinema buffs.

Chintu ka bday is a great beautiful heartwarming movie written and directed by Devanshu Kumar and Satyanshu Singh.

The simple and powerful story of chintu ka birthday has been produced by comedians Tanmay Bhatt, Rohan Joshi, Ashish Shakya, Virajman khamba of AIB under the production banner of Final Draft.

This small production comes out in the film industry with a big impact without officially realising it in theatres and is brilliantly showcased by its diverse cast. As stars bring life to a story Vinay Pathak as Chintu ke Papa and other co-actors with some international actors actually did a fabulous job throughout the whole story and can actually make us feel our presence throughout the whole one and 23 min movie. Perfect relation and coordination among writing, story and casting make the movie elicit.

Not every forbidden fruit is sweet.

The whole story revolves around a six-year-old kid named ‘chintu’ whose family is living in Iraq as illegal Indian immigrant. They plan to have a grand party for Chintu because they haven’t been able to celebrate it from last one year and as they start preparing now in mid the US troops invaded and spoiled everything.

The whole film story promises to be a roller coaster of emotions. Midway through the film ‘Chintu ka birthday’ on Zee5 Vedant as Chintu says ‘papa isko cake nhi khilayenge’. If any of your birthdays spoiled in your past by one or hundred reasons you can easily understand Chintu’s mental condition at that time.

Thus masterpieces of cinema will take you through a whirlwind of emotions. Anxiety in family members when an intruder came.The innocence of Chintu’s face throughout the story.


Though there is criticism also. If you watch this movie only for commercial purpose only for writing reviews or giving commentaries maybe you don’t find it interesting because there is no action or any superhit song. There is a lack of subtitles were needed when they speak the Arabic language so maybe you feel like you are out of the movie now. And even the trailer reveals too much, you already get to know about the twist in the story that may take your interest away but it may be a part of promotional activity.

But you should watch this movie not because it is produced by Tanmay Bhatt or AIB but because of the story behind the story. People sit on this beautiful movie from the last two years it has been completed and now it is on zee5 premium.

You should watch this movie if you want to resonate yourself. If you can understand the feelings of a six years old child you must watch this one.


Finally, kudos to movie directors, producers, writers, actors and all other staff and each and every member who is involved in making of this movie more impactful.without all the efforts it would not be a movie as what it is today. Watch it if you can imbibe from screen humbling.
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