Ammy Virk announces Qismat 2 shoot begins, check here for the post

Amnider Pal Singh, better known as Ammy Virk, is an Indian singer, actor and producer owning his production house under name of all colleges film studio and Distribution Company in house group.

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Recently, Ammy Virk announced “Qismat 2 shoot begins, which is a Romantic Drama film. Amy Virk and Sargun Mehta have together made Qismat in 2018, which was released on 21 September, directed by Jagdeep Sidhu. That time, The film budget was Rs31.28 crore.

Ammy took a picture to Instagram in which Jani, B park, Jagdeep Sidhu are sitting together. While sharing the post Ammy wrote a caption,”@jaani @B darling and said to @Jagdeep Sidhu @Sargun Mehta… tagggde Hojo…Waheguru Ji Bless u all.

And In reply of this Sargun Mehta Replied “Hogey tagde”.

So, Let’s wait together till date Qismat 2 is released out.

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