Anupam Kher, Sophie Choudhry, Kalki, Ajay Devgn, Kajol and others urge people to take care of our mother nature on World Environment Day, Check here for their posts


The B town has always the eyes of people on it whether it is talk of fashion or the nurturing nature. On the world environment day, many of the big celebrities like Anupam Kher, Kalki Koechlin, Sofi Chaudhary, Ajay Devgn and his beautiful wife Kajol shared their activities of nurturing nature on Instagram.

Anupam Kher very famously posted a picture of “joining hand with the branch of a tree” on Instagram and he added a caption to this “one of the most important lessons this pandemic and subsequent lockdown should teach us is to respect the environment. Human is temporary, Environment is permanent. It was amazing to see how he wonderfully made his point of preserving nature in this lockdown and making an impact on locals.

The stunning diva Kalki Koechlin is also in the race, she shared a heartwarming picture of her on Instagram standing in front of a river with the caption “ let’s remember to take care of our water bodies”. More on this she gave a hashtag to this ‘we all are connected’ and her picture was totally proving this. She is initiating the people on this environment day to take some time for the environment.

How we can forget another beauty of our b town Sophie Chaudhary, the diva is trending on twitter today with her miraculous pictures, she tweeted that our lives, health and livelihoods are interconnected with nature as this pandemic has shown us. It’s truly time for nature. Her tweet was amazing showing her craziness for the mother earth and making people care about their nature.

When we come to people who care for nature the name to the list which comes very proudly is Kajol. On world environment day the actress has shared her three pictures of planting a tree wearing a raincoat. She quoted that “you will end up in the environment you create. Make sure yours is beautiful. Live healthy live green”. She herself showing how she is down to earth so you should also follow your star and make your mother earth a shining star.

How do I stay behind when my wife is in the row of nurture nature?? We can say this funnily from Ajay Devgn as his wife posted pictures of planting tree he also shared his moments of showing his care for nature. The actor posted a picture of his from his swimming pool. He added a caption to this that nurture nature. Preserve our planet. Earth is sensitive as you and I are.

Our Bollywood stars never fail to make an initiative in any field. The industry has always done great things and make an impact on people. On this environment day, many big celebrities shared their activities and making people do so, to show their care of their mother “ EARTH”.