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Download “Pisasu 2” Tamil movie in HD from Tamilrockers

Pisasu 2 is an upcoming Tamil horror movie written and directed by Mysskin. Pisasu is the prequel of this current movie where a ghost falls in love with a man who was the last person to help her before she passed away. Pisasu 2 will probably continue the story and reveal what happens after the first movie’s events.

Download “Pisasu 2” Tamil movie in HD from Tamilrockers

The producers are Tha. Muruganantham, KB Sriram and LV Srikanthlakshman under Rock fort Entertainment. The lead roles in the movie are played by Andrea Jeremiah while Rajkumar Pitchumani, Poorna, Namita Krishnamurthy and Santhosh Pratap play prominent roles. Vijay Sethupathy plays an extended cameo role. He is said to be playing a doctor’s role in the film.

The music is composed by Karthik Raha while Siva Santhakumar does the cinematography. The movie is edited by Keerthana and Susil Umapathy. The film was shot primarily in Tamil and it will be dubbed and released in three languages – Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam. Pisasu 2 is scheduled to be released in theatres on August 31.

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