Film festivals worldwide are collaborating to launch a global film festival ‘We Are One’ on youtube

Film festivals worldwide had come together to achieve a single goal to launch “We are One: A Global Film Festival,” which will be available and played free on youtube for 10 days. A company behind Tribeca Film festival and youtube is Tribeca enterprise. Tribeca enterprise announced the online festival Monday. Other festivals which include Cannes Film Festival, the Sundance Film Festival, the Venice Film Festival and others in Berlin, Tokyo, and New York will help and contribute to curated programming.

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The world health organisation, as well as other local relief organisations, will be benefited by the festival. This festival will help in encouraging the viewers to donate to Covid-19 relief fund.

Tribeca Enterprises refused to say what kind of movies would be included but “We Are One” isn’t expected to feature prominent feature films that were set to be played first at the festivals which are cancelled like May’s Cannes Film Festival or at the festivals which were planned but were not organised such as September’s Toronto Film Festival. The organizers discussed programming and it’s including movie, shorts, documentaries, music, comedy, and conversations.

“We hope everyone gets a taste of what makes each festival so unique and appreciates the art and power of film,” stated by Jane Rosenthal the chief executive of Tribeca Enterprises in on of his statement.

The 10-day virtual event will start from 29 May through June 7. Some festivals have experimented with digital editions. Amazon Prime is currently hosting a modest online version of the texas-based South by Southwest for both subscribers. The Tribeca Film Festival hosted a non-public exhibition of some of its films for the non-industry and press.

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