From a mere ₹5500 in the pocket to Lavish income, Sonu Sood’s NET WORTH will amaze you.

Sonu Sood has managed to make headlines ever since last year. This philanthropist actor has won the respect of all the people across the country and even from the Industry. This month the net worth of all the celebrities has been published, and we are in shock! 

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From a mere ₹5500 in the pocket to Lavish income, Sonu Sood's NET WORTH will amaze you.

We won’t beat around the bush much and reveal it right away. Sonu Sood has a net worth of $17 Million. If we convert that to Indian money, then it is Rs. 130 Crore. We were sure that the philanthropist must have quite a good amount of treasure. The actor had managed to help the poor during both the Covid Waves. This must mean that he has a lot to spare. 

Calculating the whole thing and also by getting some information, we found out that Sood asks for at least 12 crores for a movie. On calculating, that means he earns over 1 crore per month. It is quite close to a well-to-do high-class job person.

Unfortunately, Sood was raided recently, and approximately 20 crores were confiscated from him. This raid would make a change to his net worth in the next year.

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