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Jacqueline Fernandez hates doing this exercise, check here which one

Jacqueline Fernandez – a Sri Lankan actress, former model and the winner of the Miss universe SriLanka pageant in the year 2006 and now working in the Bollywood movies.

Her debut movie was the Aladin and then she got recognised and made her career in Bollywood. She is known for her talent, for her accent and mostly for her fitness.

She concentrates a lot on her abs, her body. She often shared videos and photos from her workout on her Instagram.

Recently, she shared a picture on her story of her doing squats with dumbbells on her hand and captioned it with, “ Hate squats”. Who likes squats anyway?

The actor looked so flawless even in her workout session. Due to the COVID – 19 pandemic, it looks like they are not hitting the gym and doing their workout at their home which is safe.

She is immensely talented and hardworking as if there’s a role for a film or any character which she has to make it work, she will learn that thing and take a full training of that particular hobby or a thing.

For the song, “ Chandralekha” in the movie Gentleman, there was a scene where she is doing poll dancing, and for that, she went for training for so many days. But then she learnt it and now does that as her part of the workout.

The actress moulds herself in the character or the role of the movie.

She tagged his fitness coach @shivoham(Dheepesh Bhatt) who is also a fitness coach to Mr Aamir Khan and also the vo founder of Shivfit. Brand ambassador.

Coach reposted Jacqueline’s story by teasing her, “ haha love them.. hate them.. but can’t do without them.!”.You got to do squats if you want to be fit.

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