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Zoya Akhtar calls for support for Rhea Chakraborty says, ‘Stop The Abuse’, check here for the post

We want justice is something that we are hearing about nowadays. What is this justice about, it’s about the death of Sushant Singh Rajput. We all face this loss as one of the leading actors of India, who was ruling everyone’s heart is no more. When I heard this I was shattered to bits and pieces. We still feel he is with us, but now we are not going to see his new movies brings us to the corner of being upset. 

The main question that came was how came the death of a sorted, down to earth person, we are often told to see things the way they aren’t. It was told that it was a suicide but later on we came to know it was a MURDER. Sometimes we think our friends are very close to our hearts but remember only those break our heart, whom I trust. The same happened with Sushant Singh Rajput. He unconditionally loves RHEA CHAKRABORTY, but she was the one who stabbed him badly. This is today’s world, BE AWARE. 


Today I saw Zoya Akhtar, one of the best directors of India was giving pink as a red alert. There is a pink background update, pink we all know stands for girls. This pink update was no less than RED, which stands for danger. So this pink update says’ NO MATTER WHAT THE SITUATION IS. NO MATTER WHICH DIRECTION YOU LEAN TOWARDS. IF YOU ARE A WOMAN. YOU WILL FACE ABUSE!!! ALONG FOR A SISTERHOOD THAT won’t STAND FOR IT- MO MATTER WHAT THE WORLD THINK SHE DID!’ I totally understand supporting a woman/sister is super important, especially to the one who is already going through so much but what is this supporting that woman who killed an innocent man? This is really haunting me. Some we know how Bollywood is, they support each other even in their bad by making a statement. This time it happened the same. Why can’t they support Sushant, who was an innocent man and was killed without any reason? Why can’t we support Sushant’s manager? Even she was a girl, she had a right for pink as well, why was the pink alert not same as the red one, I will still ask WHY? 

We talk about supporting woman I understand but even we can be wrong at times, which is normal. But supporting wrong is not normal at all. 

Zoya ended her story/update saying that no matter the world thinks what she did. One person could be wrong not all and the bank statements cannot be wrong at all. Now I would like to raise a question, should we as girls support someone who did this wrong ? I would never do that, least we could do is stop talking until the government tells us the entire story. But these supporting updates are rubbish. She knew she would be trolled for this but a smart move made her comments private. Justice will prevail. No matter what stories and what pink/ red updates are made. 

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